Winnipeg Memorial Services

When we take on the responsibility and the difficult task, we want that ceremony to be as special and as unique as the person who had died was. We want to be able to picture them through the words spoken, feel them through the music which has been chosen and to be able to take comfort knowing that the service has both honoured and given the deceased life meaning and worth.

But for many of us planning service is a daunting task, especially as it is usually done in a relatively short period of time and whilst each person involved is dealing with their own grief. At Winnipeg Memorial Services, we understand this. We also understand that you only get one chance to say goodbye and that you want to make this occasion as personal, fitting and unique as your loved one was.

We can help. As Independent Funeral Celebrants we are here to walk with you, to listen to your outpouring of grief and to work with you to create that “practically perfect” ceremony. Despite our discomfort with death, those who have planned a funeral commented on how comforting and healing going through this ancient ritual of saying goodbye was for them.

At Turning Points, we also recognize and celebrate diversity. We celebrate the innumerable combinations of qualities and quirks, beliefs and values, lifestyles, interests, and hobbies found amongst us. We believe that as each person is unique so should be the ceremony that celebrates them be unique. When you choose Turning Points you are choosing a customized, curated ceremony that will be very personal, unique and memorable.

My Services

As an experienced Celebrant, with over 25 years of experience, I can help you develop a unique ceremony which will capture the individuality of your loved one honouring them in a befitting manner with opportunities for family and friends to share memories and favourite stories. During the initial interview, I will listen to your stories, find the common thread that runs through the stories then weave this thread throughout the wording of the ceremony. This means that the content of the services are meaningful and specifically chosen by the family.

So, whether you wish to honour your loved one in a light-hearted day at the cottage doing all the activities they loved with an evening around the campfire sharing memories and stories then a dawn scattering of ashes on the lake or have a ceremony which has a traditional feel and is very formal, my belief is this is your time. I will not impose my own beliefs on to your ceremony. The inclusion or non-inclusion of religious content is always a choice the family decides upon and must be authentic to them.

When the life-lived may have been a troubled one, brief or tragic I can help you to honour the uniqueness of that loved ones’ life. A ceremony of goodbye, one that names the pain or the regrets within the relationship, can be a healing turning point for those who are left behind.

Ceremony Locations

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I officiate all services at the location of your choice. If you choose a Funeral Home, I will work closely with the staff to ensure all matters relevant to officiating the service are taken care of limiting the tasks you need to worry about.

The “No Funeral” Request

This is a hard one for families. The reality is, the ceremony is about the person who has passed, but it is not for them. It is for you, the person who cared for and loved them. A ceremony is for you to begin the process of adjusting to your loss. I recommend talking to your family about yours and their funeral wishes. The reasons given for not having a ceremony are as diverse as not wanting the family to incur the expense involved in a traditional funeral, to not wanting to put your family through a public display of grief; not wanting a “bunch of religion” or not wanting my “remains” on display. Would the person who declared, “no funeral” feel the same way if they knew they could pre-plan their ceremony? In a location, they loved, with the people they loved sharing stories while their favourite music played?

Planning Process

A death has occurred. You have spoken with the Funeral Home about arrangements. Feeling dazed and overwhelmed you must now plan a service. At Turning Points, our Independent Funeral Celebrants can help. We will:


  • Arrange an in-person consultation to meet you.
  • Be respectful and empathetic of your grief.
  • Guide you through a time of sharing to learn about the deceased
  • Offer suggestions and ideas in the creation of the ceremony
  • Ensure the Order of Service is correct
  • Liaise with the Funeral Director and all participants to ensure the Service is conducted professionally and with dignity
  • Compassionately deliver a Ceremony which allows you, your family and friends to say your final goodbyes
  • Be available for a follow-up visit if requested.