My name is Jeannette and I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant. As a Funeral Celebrant I have gone through extensive training and for over 25 years have guided bereaved family’s through the delicate process of developing personalized memorial services or tribute of celebration. I take great pride in my ability to listen carefully to the stories family members and loved ones are sharing. Listening to the shattered hopes and dreams and to the heartfelt sense of loss revealed during our initial time together. Then creating a memorial service that will remain forever in the bereaved hearts and memories.

I now call Winnipeg, Manitoba home. It is a great and vibrant city to live in. In my life, I have had the great fortune of living and working in rural Saskatchewan and Manitoba, in Winnipeg, and in London, England. I have traveled throughout Europe, Japan, South Korea, a few of the states in the U.S.A. and some very lovely hot spots in the Caribbean. Throughout my travels, I have come to understand and appreciate cultural diversity and the profound need for ritual during the turning points of our lives. I have learned that many of us are creatures of habit, so my travels have been a gift in expanding my understanding of the richness that other cultures offer to us.

My life has been enriched by family and friends, by the people I have met, and by the stories shared with me. I am thankful for all these experiences and encounters. I am grateful for the life lessons they have taught me as I have learned from them how to be a better and kinder person. In my life, I am also inspired by those who, by doing small acts of kindness, have stirred the hearts and minds of others to believe we all can participate in creating a more just and caring world.

I am also passionate words. I am trained in public speaking and in creating ceremonies. I believe I bring a gentle formality to my ceremonies which brings a measure of comfort to the deceased family and friends.

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant, I do not have any professional affiliation to religious or humanist organizations. This means I can curate memorial services, officiate at funerals, graveside and celebration of life ceremony in accordance to your beliefs and wishes and those of the deceased. I can also advise families on appropriate and fitting funeral content such as readings and music, both secular and sacred, prayers and or blessings from a variety of faith perspectives.


I like listening to stories.... real stories.... about real people. Some of these stories are hilariously funny, others touch my heart and some are just so painful to listen to I want to weep. Each story shared is told by an ordinary person about the extraordinary turning points in their lives. Each story shared is interesting to me because every story shared is sacred, and says something about the impact the event had on the person telling the story.

At Turning Points, we also recognize and celebrate diversity. We celebrate the innumerable combinations of qualities and quirks, beliefs and values, lifestyles, interests, and hobbies found amongst us. We believe that as each person is unique so should be the ceremony that celebrates them.

When you choose Turning Points: Winnipeg Memorial Services, you are choosing to have a customized ceremony that will be very personal, unique and memorable.


  • Over twenty-five years developing and officiating Ceremonies of Celebration
  • Qualified Funeral Celebrant
  • Independent Funeral "Celebration of Life" Advisor
  • A graduate of the University of Winnipeg
  • Graduate from St Stephen's College, University of Alberta
  • Certificate in Pastoral Counseling
  • Training in Meditation
  • Training in Conflict Negotiation and Resolution